Acquired Brain Injury

Regardless of severity, acquired brain injuries (ABI) can result in complex cognitive, communicative, physical, and emotional impairments that require interdisciplinary assessment. This checklist, the CCCABI, identifies communication difficulties to be addressed by a speech-language pathologist (SLP) or speech therapist.

128x128-pdf CCCABI checklist


128x128-pdf Surviving an Acquired Brain Injury: Tips from Real Survivors like You
128x128-pdf What is Impulsivity?

Unmasking Brain Injury: A creative workshop for survivors of brain injury, caregivers and family members

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The cognitive-communication difficulties that can occur after a brain injury can have a significant impact on communication in everyday life. These postcards highlight real-world communication problems, in everyday, straight forward language and remind us that Speech-Language Pathologists are the “Communication Experts”.

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